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Summary of climate variability and extremes and their main impacts on agricultural production in 2019


This yearly summary reviews the main climate extremes described by the WMO state of the climate preliminary report for 2019 that had an impact on agricultural production according to JRC’s agricultural early warning system ASAP (Anomaly hotspots of Agricultural Production). Such a summary can be used as a starting point for more detailed analysis of agricultural production problems and their impact on food security as it is done for example by the multi-agency Global Report on Food Crises and the Food Security and Nutrition State in the World. The year 2019 was warmer than 2018 (second warmest on record) and saw major heat waves in several parts of the world. Droughts affected crop and rangeland productivity mainly in Europe, Southern and Eastern Africa, South East Asia and in Australia. Tropical storms and cyclones caused fatalities and major damage to infrastructure and agriculture in the Bahamas and along East Africas coast. High intensity rainfall lead to floods in all continents. The final part of the report includes an oveview of climate extremes affecting crop seasons ongoing in early 2020 as well as a short summary of seasonal forecasts until April 2020.