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Smart Specialisation Platform

Smart Specialisation Platform: this is a collection of tools that are either described in their respective webpages but also in part in the following reports: Eye-RIS3 tool: - Jens Sorvik and Alexander Kleibrink, 2015. Mapping Innovation Priorities and Specialisation Patterns in Europe, JRC Working Papers JRC95227, Joint Research Centre (Seville site). ICT monitoring tool: - Jens Sorvik and Alexander Kleibrink, 2016. Mapping EU investments in ICT - description of an online tool and initial observations, JRC Working Papers JRC102233, Joint Research Centre (Seville site). ESIF viewer: Builds on more or less same data engine as the ICT monitoring tool. Regional Benchmarking: - Mikel Navarro, Juan Jose Gibaja, Susana Franco, Asier Murciego, Carlo Gianelle, Alexander Kleibrink, Fatime Barbara Hegyi, 2014. Regional benchmarking in the smart specialisation process: Identification of reference regions based on structural similarity, JRC Working Papers JRC89819, Joint Research Centre (Seville site). EU Trade tool: - Thissen M. et al. (2013), Regional Competitiveness and Smart Specialization in Europe, Edward Elgar. - Gianelle C. et al. (2014), Smart specialisation in the tangled web of European inter-regional trade, European Journal of Innovation Management, 17(4): 472-491.