EU Science Hub

Science for Disaster Risk Management 2017: Knowing better and losing less

This report will present the state of science in DRM. The narrower purpose is to show practical use of scientific knowledge in DRM actions in Europe. The report shall provide reviews of the scientific evidence base and its practical use in various areas of disaster risk management, in a format that is intended to be accessible to the well-informed practitioner. The reviews of the scientific evidence base are summaries of (1) recent advances/outcomes of EU research projects, (2) relevant national work and (3) relevant international work.The final scope of the report is naturally divided into three distinct parts: understanding risk, communicating risk and managing risk. The report is one of the most visible objectives of DRMKC aiming to bridge science and policy as well operatoin communities. It is the first in a series and therefore comprehensive in scope but selective in topic. It will fill the gap in preparation for Sendai framework for DRR and show posibilites to strengthen society’s resilience by using science and technology.