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Review of the 1st Watch List under the Water Framework Directive and recommendations for the 2nd Watch List

The surface water Watch List (WL) under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is a mechanism for obtaining high-quality Union-wide monitoring data on potential water pollutants for the purpose of determining the risk they pose and thus whether Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) should be set for them at EU level. According to the EQS Directive (article 8b) , this list should be updated every 2 years. The main objectives of this report are: • To present an overview of the data gathered during the 1st year of monitoring of the 1st WL (also called WL dataset in this report), • To assess whether this WL dataset is sufficient to determine the risk posed by the WL substances, and consequently to determine whether any of these substances can be taken out of the WL, • To propose new substance(s) to be included in the second WL, using the information and results from the latest review of the list of priority substances, as well as any other relevant information available at the time of this report. The executive summary first explains the context for the assessment. Then, mirroring the report itself, it presents an overview of the WL dataset for the different WL substances, it specifies the criteria for taking substances out of the WL and the substances proposed on the basis of these criteria, and finally it presents the criteria for including new substances in the WL and the new proposed WL candidates.