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Public policy labs in European Union members states

Policy Labs are emerging structures that construct public policies in an innovative, design-oriented fashion, in particular by engaging citizens and companies working within the public sector. Currently, a number of Policy Labs exist in a handful of Member States of the European Union. Interest stemming from administrations and government organizations in other Member States indicate the objective to create a Lab, many of whom have a desire to build upon the experience and best practices of their peers. The EU Policy Lab at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre wishes to enable such collaboration and commissioned the creation of a map of Policy Labs in the European Union by Conseil & Recherche and the 27e Région. This map and report enables the first step of that process by identifying 'who works on what?' at the local, regional, and national levels of government. It is intended to be a living document which can evolve and expand over time to reflect the progress, diversity, and evolution of Policy Labs in Europe.