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Public Consultation in the context of a Fitness Check of the EU legislation with regard to Endocrine Disruptors: Factual Summary Report


Under the European Commission's Better Regulation initiative the JRC is leading a Fitness Check of the EU legislation for the identification and control of endocrine disrupting substances. Public consultation is an important part of any Fitness Check. This report provides a brief factual overview of the responses received over a 12 week period from 16/12/19 to 09/03/20 to questions addressed to the general public. The aims of this public consultation were to collect views on the concerns of citizens related to endocrine disruptors, to which extent the current EU legislation meets these concerns and to identify possible opportunities for improvements. Two other consultations conducted under this Fitness Check, one focused on stakeholder organisations and the other on small and medium-sized enterprises will be reported separately. Responses will provide an essential input to the Fitness Check analysis carried out by the JRC. A more detailed analysis of the responses from the three consultations will be published in a synopsis report at the end of the of the process.