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Proceedings of the 2017 conference on Big Data from Space

Big Data from Space refers to Earth and Space observation data collected by space-borne and ground- based sensors. Whether for Earth or Space observation, they qualify being called 'big data' given the sheer volume of sensed data (archived data reaching the exabyte scale), their high velocity (new data is acquired almost on a continuous basis and with an increasing rate), their variety (data is delivered by sensors acting over various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in passive and active modes), as well as their veracity (sensed data is associated with uncertainty and accuracy measurements). Last but not least, the value of big data from space depends on our capacity to extract information and meaning from them. The goal of the Big Data from Space conference is to bring together researchers, engineers, developers, and users in the area of Big Data from Space. The 2017 "Big Data from Space" conference (BiDS'17) was held from the 28th to the 30th of November 2017 at the Pierre Baudis conference Centre (Toulouse, France). BiDS'17 was co-organised by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC), and the European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) and hosted by CNES, the French Government Space Agency. These proceedings of the conference consist of a collection of 181 short papers corresponding to the oral and poster presentations presented at the conference. They provide a unique snapshot of the current research activities, developments, and initiatives in Big Data from Space.