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Port Security & Access Control: A systemic approach

Ports constitute crucial intermodal nodes in the freight and passenger transport network as well as important border control points. Their security is therefore of paramount importance not only because of their critical transport functions but also because of their specific role, as control points, in the regional, national and European security. Port security is a cornerstone for the implementation of the new international maritime transport security regime. The aim of the present paper is to analyse the problem, highlight the issues faced in a systematic way towards a better port security without penalising excessively the trade or the port related activities. To this end: • A basic taxonomy concerning ports & port facilities is established, • The notions of security, maritime, port & port area security are analysed, • The main requirements from the EU and international regulations concerning port security are highlighted, • The port facility security, basic functional block for the port security, is analysed and its main parameters are derived, • Two practical measures for increasing the EU port security are proposed, • The problems of access control & identity management in ports is highlighted