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PESETA III - Task 7: River Floods


In Europe around 216,000 people are exposed each year to river flooding and annual flood damage amounts to €5.3 billion. In most regions of Europe we see an increase of flood risk due to global warming. Under a 2°C global warming scenario and considering current socio-economic conditions, flood impacts could more than double, with around 525,000 people annually exposed to floods and €12.5 billion of expected annual losses. Under the RCP8.5 pathway 2°C will occur in the early 2040s, hence impacts on present society under near term (2021-2050) climate conditions are very close to those under a 2°C warming scenario. Longer term climate conditions (2071-2100) under a RCP8.5 scenario imposed on present society, on the other hand, could result in around 717,000 people annually exposed to floods while direct flood damages could see a more than three-fold increase with respect to current conditions, reaching €17.5 billion of average annual losses.