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Navigating Diversity: Citizen Engagement in and across the EU


This technical report presents and discusses a navigable inventory of citizen engagement (CE) activities across the European Union (EU). As a first of its kind, this inventory was developed over a five-year period, 2016-2020, and allows its prospective users to navigate CE activities across the EU. For this purpose, the inventory makes available three datasets gathering CE Organizations, CE Projects by the European Commission, and EU-based Makerspaces. In so doing, the inventory extends the existing Community of Practice on CE beyond the Commission. The inventory allows its users not only to find relevant CE activities, but also to contribute to its further extension by adding their organization, project, and/or (maker-)space. This report outlines the policy context in which the navigable inventory was finalized, before presenting and discussing its design rationale and search modes, as well as two lines of exploratory inquiry and first empirical results. The report concludes by drawing together the principal outcomes and main recommendations from designing and testing the presented “CE Navigator.”