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JRC Implementation Review 2017: In the context of the interim evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Programme

This report presents an external assessment of the follow-up that the JRC has given to the ex-post evaluation of its direct actions under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) conducted in 2015. The report addresses the new JRC 2030 strategy and the adaptation of the organisational structure in July 2016. The evaluation panel compliments the organisation and its leadership on the work in the design of the strategy, in gathering the support and adapting the organisational structure for the implementation of the strategy. In relatively short time the JRC went through the biggest change since the introduction of its policy-support mission in the Fifth Framework Programme in 1998. The panel notes the enthusiasm and the impressive speed with which the JRC has implemented a large number of improvements (Chapter 2). Having seen so many parts of the renewed organisation, the panel also had a critical look at the change (Chapter 3), and gives three general recommendations for further development of the JRC (Chapter 4). - Keep focus on excellence in science - Connect the whole organisation to the transformation - A modern JRC merits modern governance
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