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Joint ANL-JRC Experimental Campaign: Laboratory Testing of a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV)

Assessing energy efficiency variability with respect to the conditions of use is very important for electrified vehicles (EVs) as it directly affects electrified driving range and thus pollutants emission reduction. This paper addresses such issues by reporting of a joint experimental campaign carried out in the framework of the transatlantic collaboration between the US DoE Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC). An extensively instrumented plug-in EV with range extender (REEV) was tested in ANL’s and JRC’s roller bench test cells against EU and US legislative cycles, at ambient temperatures varying between -30°C and 50°C. Acquired data provided good replicability between the dedicated transatlantic laboratories and valuable information on vehicle and vehicle-components energy use across the considered temperature and power respectively, load ranges.
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