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INSPIRE – What if? Summary report from the What if…? sessions at the 2017 INSPIRE Conference

Following up from the successful "What if we didn't have INSPIRE?" workshop at the 2016 INSPIRE Conference in Barcelona and the "INSPIRE - What if...?" workshop at the OGC meeting in Delft1 in March 2017, two "INSPIRE - What if…?" sessions took place at the INSPIRE Conference in Strasbourg on 8 September 2017. This report explains the background to these sessions and provides a summary of the discussions in the break-out groups. Even though the six group discussions focused on different topics, the conclusions converged around the following recommendations: - Make INSPIRE easier to use for mainstream ICT professionals and developers - Focus on data content and on creating (preferably open) national or pan-European data sets, which are quality-assured and of high-value to a broad user community - Make INSPIRE more user-centric and user-driven - Improve communication and promote INSPIRE's success stories - Clarify the roles of the public and the private sectors, especially with respect to data offering(s), data integration and value adding services