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Industrial Innovation for Transformation


Key science and EU policy topics on 'Innovation for industrial transformation', the focus of CONCORDi 2019 Conference, are addressed in this background report such as: how manage an inclusive and sustainable industrial transformation, establishing European firms as globally competitive; how to advise industrial and innovation policy on how to take into account specific territorial needs to guarantee fair and sustainable competitiveness and job creation across the whole EU; and what are the main challenges and opportunities that EU industry transformation due to innovation will face. Addressing these compelling topics is not an easy task and requires us to consider different dimensions of analysis in parallel. The report first points out what are the research and policy challenges ahead, then introduce expected contribution from CONCORDi 2019 by the academia providing a short literature background in the main corresponding areas, by policy-makers and by other distinguished stakeholders from national or international institutions and industry. The document also provides a summary of the content of the Conference's scientific papers as well as some specific examples of challenges for the future EU policy agenda related to 'innovation for industrial transformation'.