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A guide to the equipment, methods and procedures for the prevention of risks, emergency response and mitigation of the consequences of accidents: Part I

This report is the first part of a dilogy which aims to be a compendium for regulators without a specific background in risk and safety assessment. It describes the state-of-the-art of the safety-related equipment, methods, procedures and projects available nowadays for the prevention of risks, the emergency response and the mitigation of the consequences of accidents. While the present report addresses the above topics from a generic perspective, the second part, currently in preparation, focuses on the particular challenges of the Nordic Seas. The review is based on the retrieval and analysis of a large number of open source information, along with personal contacts with Authorities and HSE representatives of several major oil and gas operators. This helps the reader go into further details and better appreciate the latest technological advancements in offshore safety as a consequence of the lessons learnt from the Macondo Accident.