Titanium Dioxide, NM-100, NM-101, NM-102, NM-103, NM-104, NM-105: Characterisation and Physico-Chemical Properties

Titanium Dioxide, NM-100, NM-101, NM-102, NM-103, NM-104, NM-105: Characterisation and Physico
Titanium Dioxide, NM-100, NM-101, NM-102, NM-103, NM-104, NM-105: Characterisation and Physico-Chemical Properties
Abstract: The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) provides scientific support to European Union policy including nanotechnology. Within this context, the JRC launched, in February 2011, a repository for Representative Test Materials (RTMs), based on preparatory work started in 2008. It supports both EU and international research projects, and especially the OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN). The WPMN leads an exploratory testing programme "Testing a Representative set of Manufactured Nanomaterials" for the development and collection of data on characterisation, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties, as well as risk assessment and safety evaluation of nanomaterials. The purpose is to understand the applicability of the OECD Test Guidelines for the testing of nanomaterials as well as end-points relevant for such materials. The Repository responds to a need for nanosafety research purposes: availability of nanomaterial from a single production batch to enhance the comparability of results between different research laboratories and projects. The availability of representative nanomaterials to the international scientific community furthermore enhances and enables development of safe materials and products. The present report presents the physico-chemical characterisation of the Titanium dioxide series from the JRC repository: NM-100, NM-101, NM-102, NM-103, NM-104 and NM-105. NM-105 was selected as principal material for the OECD test programme "Testing a representative set of manufactured nanomaterials". NM-100 is included in the series as a bulk comparator. Each of these NMs originates from one batch of commercially manufactured TiO2. The TiO2 NMs may be used as representative material in the measurement and testing with regard to hazard identification, risk and exposure assessment studies. The results for more than 15 endpoints are addressed in the present report, including physico-chemical properties, such as size and size distribution, crystallite size and electron microscopy images. Sample and test item preparation procedures are addressed. The results are based on studies by several European laboratories participating to the NANOGENOTOX Joint Action, as well as by the JRC.
RASMUSSEN Kirsten, MAST Jan, DE TEMMERMAN Pieter-Jan, VERLEYSEN Eveline, WAEGENEERS Nadia, VAN STEEN Frederic, PIZZOLON Jean Christophe, DE TEMMERMAN Ludwig, VAN DOREN Elke, JENSEN Keld Astrup, BIRKEDAL Renie, LEVIN Marcus, NIELSEN Signe Hjortkjaer, KOPONEN Ismo Kalevi, CLAUSEN Per Axel, KOFOED-SØRENSEN Vivi, KEMBOUCHE Yahia, THIERIET Nathalie, SPALLA Olivier, GIUOT Camille, ROUSSET Davy, WITSCHGER Olivier, BAU Sebastian, BIANCHI Bernard, MOTZKUS Charles, SHIVACHEV Boris, DIMOWA Louiza, NIKOLOVA Rosita, NIHTIANOVA Diana, TARASSOV Mihail, PETROV Ognyan, BAKARDJIEVA Snejana, GILLILAND Douglas, PIANELLA Francesca, CECCONE Giacomo, SPAMPINATO Valentina, COTOGNO Giulio, GIBSON Peter, GAILLARD Claire, MECH Agnieszka
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