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Strategic Intelligence Monitor on Personal Health Systems Phase 3 (SIMPHS3). Diabmemory (Austria). Case Study Report

In 2010, the Austrian Social Insurance Institution for Railways and Mining Industry (Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahnen und Bergbau, VAEB) started a proof-of-concept diabetes telemonitoring project called DiabMemory, as part of a wider programme called "Health Dialogue" (“Gesundheitsdialog”). DiabMemory allows diabetes patients to track health parameters using a mobile phone and share this data with their General Practitioner (GP). After being diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes in primary or secondary care, patients insured by VAEB are given the opportunity to stay for a period of one to three weeks at a special rehabilitation facility in Breitenstein (Lower Austria) to receive education on all aspects relevant to their health and medical conditions like nutrition, physical activity, and psychological aspects. If they decide to join the programme, they receive the equipment and training on how to use the DiabMemory system and how to integrate it into their everyday lives. After their stay in Breitenstein, participants are able to use DiabMemory without further help. A web-based application allows health professionals responsible for therapy management within the Health Dialogue programme to access patient data and adjust therapy plans when needed. Moreover, they can provide users with motivational messages and feedback can be sent directly to the patient’s mobile.