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Review on Soft target/Public space protection guidance

The current document provides a list of the available information sources focusing on the protection of soft targets against terrorist and other types of malicious extremist attacks. The list aims at bringing to the interested security stakeholder existing documents with information and practical guidance on measures to prevent a potential attack and to mitigate the consequences, should such an attack materializes. The collected documents do not address critical infrastructure, but they mainly focus on the so-called soft targets, the term being used to represent vulnerable material or human assets, which in principle should not be specifically protected. However, such targets are often selected by terrorists in their effort to maximize casualties, inflict fear to the population and attain media coverage. The documents are grouped according to the following broad domains relating to soft targets: public places, education/religious/health installations, transport, building facades, urban resilience, security planning & risk management, policy/regulation/finance, people involvement, and drones. The referenced information sources originate from various countries and bodies, such as UK, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, Australia etc. The list is quite comprehensive but it is limited to the publicly available documents and practically to those found in English and French.
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