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Overview and analysis of 1:1 learning initiatives in Europe

This report presents the analysis of 31 recent 1:1 learning initiatives, which equip students of a given school, class or age group with a portable computer device. Overall, the analysed initiatives involve approximately 47,000 schools and 17,480,000 students in primary and secondary education across 19 European countries. Based on desk research (analysis report on 1:1 initiatives and a literature review), in-depth expert interviews and stakeholder consultation in an expert workshop, the implementation strategies, the financing models and the pedagogical frameworks of these initiatives are analysed. Policy options for mainstreaming 1:1 initiatives that focus on the notion of 1:1 learning rather than 1:1 devices and successfully promote technological, pedagogical and organizational innovation are also proposed, contributing to the Europe 2020 strategy to modernize Education and Training across Europe.