Occurrence and levels of selected compounds in European compost and digestate samples

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Occurrence and levels of selected compounds in European compost and digestate samples

This report describes work conducted by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) in the context of an Administrative Arrangement between DG Environment and the JRC. This work aimed at the generation, within a limited timeframe, of a large amount of analytical data, with high scientific and statistical value, for a number of compost and digestate types (afterwards referred to as COMDIG samples), to help provide a general overview and estimation of that possible variability within and between different COMDIG materials. The report includes the results of a targeted and independent screening of typical European situations of COMDIG materials with regard to the occurrence and levels of compounds of concern, many of which have never been assessed at a pan-European level. In total, 139 samples, mostly taken as grab samples and originating from 15 countries, were assessed for 22 minor and trace elements and 92 organic compounds including ingredients of personal care products and pharmaceuticals. The underlying analytical methods are carefully documented with regard to their performance characteristics. Where available, the so-called ?horizontal? standards were followed. The results obtained are assessed statistically. Although the analysed single samples are insufficient to make any statement on the performance of the treatment processes leading to COMDIG samples, this collective of data provide a glimpse of the pan-European situation as regards the studied compounds.

SAVEYN Hans, UMLAUF Gunther, CRISTACHE Carmen-Ileana, SUURKUUSK Gert, GHIANI Michela, SOBIECKA Elzbieta, LOOS Robert, COMERO Sara, MARIANI Giulio, BENISEK Martin, PARACCHINI Bruno, ALONSO RUIZ Agustin, EDER Peter, GAWLIK Bernd, LOCORO Giovanni, FISSIAUX Isabelle, BLAHA Ludek, TAVAZZI Simona, VOORSPOELS Stefan, GANS Oliver, HARTL Werner
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