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National Energy and Climate Plans for 2021-2030 under the EU Energy Union


The Energy Union strategy ―built on the dimensions of energy security, internal energy market, energy efficiency, decarbonisation, research, competitiveness and innovation― aims to ensure secure, sustainable, affordable and competitive energy for all its citizens and businesses in the midst of the ongoing energy transition. The 2030 climate and energy framework sets targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the share of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. Under the Energy Union Governance Regulation, Member States were required to adopt integrated national energy and climate plans (NECPs) for the period 2021-2030, laying out their national contributions to the EU targets as well as their plans of accompanying policies and measures. This report represents the first of the series of reports assessing the energy efficiency dimension of the national energy and climate plans of EU Member States submitted under the Energy Union Governance. It provides an assessment of the national contributions towards the EU energy efficiency target in 2030, and presents an overview of all relevant policies and measures reported by the Member States in their plans. The implementation of key provisions of EU directives based on the information found in the NECPs is discussed, and recommendations on how to improve the future policy and reporting framework are provided. Whilst several positive developments have been identified in this analysis, the assessment has also highlighted the need to step up the energy efficiency ambition set by Member States, including the need to provide more robust evidence of the impact of proposed policies and actions against the various targets and requirements set in the context of EU directives.