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Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (MAFEIP) First report on outcome indicators

As the initial Monitoring Framework may not be fully relevant for the overarching objective of the EIP on AHA and the Triple Win, either because the Action Groups commitments cannot use specific indicators or because some of the indicators initially thought of may not be best suited for measuring the impacts on the EIP on AHA higher objectives, the aim of this report is to suggest a smaller set of key indicators which may allow efficient monitoring of the impact of the EIP on AHA on the Triple Win and the overarching objective, based on the combined analysis of the above exercises. Such a set of indicators ought to be general enough to be widely applicable to commitments within each Action Group of the EIP, but also specific enough to be able to capture the impact of interventions delivered within each of these Action Groups. Finally, the set of indicators chosen should support modelling the link between EIP on AHA outcomes and the Triple Win and the headline target of two additional healthy life years to the average healthy life span of European citizens. This report therefore presents the results of the analysis of the above mentioned evidence whose objective was to assess the likelihood for each outcome indicator identified to be widely applicable across Action Groups and its fitness for the purpose of measuring the overall EIP on AHA impact. The picture obtained from the data collected from the field (i.e. Reference Sites and Action Groups' good practices) has been further refined by using results from the above mentioned scientific literature review.