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Modelling Future Mobility - Scenario Simulation at Macro Level

The aim of the report is to simulate policy scenarios for passenger transport using Europe-wide transport models, estimate their potential impacts and demonstrate how do they differ from each other and from the reference scenario for 2030. In more detail, the main objectives of the deliverable can be given as follows: - to model future multi-modal mobility scenarios for passengers formulated within the previous tasks of the project, - to simulate impacts of identified trends and selected strategies on demand, supply and technology at macro level, - to analyse impacts of selected policies and identified trends on mobility patterns such as in travel demand and modal split, - to estimate potential impacts of selected policy measures on environmental indicators via transport emissions and vehicle fleet sizes, - to compare impacts of different scenario options in quantitative terms and provide useful insights for exploring best policy scenarios and strategies for sustainable passenger transport.  The research has been conducted under the OPTIMISM project which was received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013), grant agreement n° 284892. The report has been produced as the OPTIMISM project deliverable 3.4: Modelling Future Mobility - Scenario Simulation at Macro Level.