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Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Intermediary Actors. Characterisation and Mapping of eInclusion Intermediary Actors in the EU27

This report presents the main findings and policy recommendations of an analysis based on the results of an online survey of intermediary organisations working on eInclusion in 27 European countries. The survey, which is the first ever assessment of the e-Inclusion intermediary sector, collect relevant data from almost 3,000 including individual and network organisations that are representing more than 85,000 members. In addition, it is estimated a total of 250,000 organisations, or one e-Inclusion actor per every 2,000 inhabitants. According to the findings, these organisations are playing a relevant role in achieving the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe, particularly in two of its action areas: enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion and ICT-enabled benefits for EU society. Moreover, most of organisations offer ICT-based, employment-related and other social services. In conclusion, there is a need for policy makers to recognize, empower and support the role and impact of these eInclusion intermediary actors, in support of the achievement of Europe 2020 economic and social goals. When considering these policy options, the important role that networks play among these actors needs to be acknowledged, mainly because of the high number of small organisations that characterize the sector.
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