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Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors: Impact Assessment Framework - Main Report

This report presents the results of the research on ‘Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors on Digital Literacy, Skills and Inclusion Goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe’ conducted by JRC-IPTS and DG CONNECT. In particular it presents a comprehensive Impact Assessment Framework, the MIREIA eI2-IAF, which can be used to measure the socio-economic outputs, outcomes and impacts of eInclusion Intermediary actors in Europe. It includes both a conceptual model and an operational framework with guidelines for self-evaluation of practices, with specific regard to interventions addressed to the use of ICTs to enhance employability of groups at risk of exclusion. The research combined an analysis of literature and practice, and the development of an impact assessment framework which has been tested, through an action research approach, in four case studies at national and regional level, representing different interventions, target groups and contexts in Europe. The results of the research are a clear advancement with regards to impact assessment methodology in the area of eInclusion and the experimentation of counterfactual impact evaluation to assess the contribution of intermediaries to Europe 2020 goals. In this perspective, the report outlines research and policy recommendations suggesting that more in-depth research is required, and support should be given in particular to the setting-up of social experimentations which focus on the various dimensions of eInclusion, and promote the scaling-up and generalisation of the MIREIA eI2-IAF.
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