EU Science Hub

MARS Bulletin Vol. 20, No. 7

Persisting high temperatures in southern and south east Europe coupled with scarce rain put plants in difficulties. Main countries affected are Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria as well as Ukraine. Harvest of winter cereals in southern European countries is almost completed and well advanced in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary due to an early maturity of the crops. Western Europe experienced a rainy period with unsettled weather and below average temperatures. This added up to healthy conditions in France, Germany and Poland for the last growing stages of winter cereals. Rain amounts were even excessive in the United Kingdom. In France and Germany the harvest has started in a timely fashion interrupted by rains whereas in UK winter barley has started with a delay and further delays for the remaining winter cereals are expected due to the bad weather. Compared to our last Bulletin soft wheat yield at EU 27 is slightly revised down mainly due to lower yields now forecast for UK, Romania, Austria and Spain. Also spring barley yield is revised down as the forecast for Spain was lowered again but still being close to the 5 years’ average. In Romania, Hungary and Italy the recent negative weather conditions for maize led to a decrease of the forecasts resulting in a decrease of grain maize yield of 9 % at EU 27 level compared to the last forecasts issued.