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MARS Agrometeorological Vol. 18 No. 7 - Crop Monitoring in Morocco

Cereal production in the 009- 010 agricultural season was characterized by abundant precipitation. The outcome could have been better if rain had been better distributed.The poor distribution of rain led to different results from one administrative region to another, and from one province to another within the same region. The final results across the provinces was mainly determined by the date of planting and emergence of various diseases. All regions of the country have been affected by the April weather, historically hot and quite dry, a very unfavourable situation for an optimal grain filling. The expected benefit is therefore lower than the previous season, but should be higher for early planting and lower for late planting. Damage due to infestation by weeds and diseases vary from one region to another but should be within the magnitude of the previous year at national level. As for the use of nitrogen, there appears to have been no change from the previous season.