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MARS Agrometeorological Vol. 18, No. 5 - Crop Monitoring in Europe

Eastern Europe and in particular Russia experienced persistent high temperatures coupled with high rainfall deficits which impacted winter crops and jeopardized final yields. Mid-August, also in western Mediterranean countries, extreme temperatures were recorded. Abundant rain in eastern EU (in July) and central EU (in August) hampered the harvesting and affected the quality of the grain. Favourable rains occurred in September in southern Italy, southern France and eastern EU. Soft wheat yields are good in Spain (+ 1% compared to 2009) and Romania (+ 3%), but quite low in Portugal (- 8%), Bulgaria (-1 %), France and Germany (around -8%). Durum wheat in Spain is forecast at 1.9 t/ha (- 4%). For barley, good yields are expected in Bulgaria (+66 %) and Spain (+ 4%); on the contrary the situation is particularly unfavourable in The Netherlands, Slovakia, Cyprus, Portugal and Denmark. Grain maize yield is forecast at +33% above the figure for 009 in Bulgaria; +15% in Romania but -11% in Germany and -10% in Belgium. Sugar beet yield is also estimated at lower levels compared to 2009, -10%/-1 % in Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland.