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Knowledge Management for Policy: Stocktaking of one year of JRC activities

Improving knowledge management and collaborative working is a priority for overcoming silos mentalities and connecting synergies between portfolios, as envisaged in the Commission Communication C(2016)6626. In its 2030 Strategy, the JRC took up this challenge by 1) introducing a horizontal ‘knowledge management’ layer in the organigram, to mobilise scientific competences from different Directorates around the Commission’s policy goals 2) championing the implementation of new collaboration practices and platforms as well as the development of a knowledge management professionalisation programme; 3) starting to transform itself from a traditional research-producing organisation into a world-leading manager of knowledge for EU policy-making. One year after the reorganisation carried out on the 1st of July 2016 to align the JRC organigram with the new strategy, this report reviews the progress made and describes the main achievements.