The JRC-EU-TIMES model - Assessing the long-term role of the SET Plan Energy technologies

Abstract: The JRC-EU-TIMES model is one of the models currently pursued in the JRC under the auspices of the JRC Modelling Taskforce. The model has been developed over the last years in a combined effort of two of the JRC Institutes, IPTS and IET. The JRC-EU-TIMES model is designed for analysing the role of energy technologies and their innovation for meeting Europe's energy and climate change related policy objectives. It models technologies uptake and deployment and their interaction with the energy infrastructure including storage options in an energy systems perspective. It is a relevant tool to support impact assessment studies in the energy policy field that require quantitative modelling at an energy system level with a high technology detail. This report aims at providing an overview on the JRC-EU-TIMES model main data inputs and major assumptions. Furthermore, it describes a number of model outputs from exemplary runs in order to display how the model reacts to different scenarios. The scenarios described in this report do not represent a quantified view of the European Commission on the future EU energy mix.
GAGO DA CAMARA SIMOES Sofia, NIJS Wouter, RUIZ CASTELLO Pablo, SGOBBI Alessandra, RADU Daniela, BOLAT Pelin, THIEL Christian, PETEVES Efstathios
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