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Guidelines for healthy environments within European schools


This document describes the guidelines framework for healthy environments within European schools which was developed within SINPHONIE (Schools Indoor Pollution and Health – Observatory Network in Europe) project. Its objective is to provide a reference guide which links together both coherently and comprehensively the most up-to-date knowledge informed by the outcome of the SINPHONIE project. This includes key drivers and prevention, control, remediation and communication strategies for a healthy school environment in Europe. These guidelines for healthy environments within European schools are primarily directed at the relevant policy-makers at both European and national levels and at local authorities aiming to improve the indoor school environment in their countries while respecting the specificities (environmental, social, economic) of their national and local situations. A second target group which is expected to benefit directly from these guidelines includes school-building designers and managers (responsible for the design, construction and renovation of school buildings), schoolchildren and their parents, teachers and other school staff. Users of this guidance should consult relevant national guidance in the first instance and use this publication to access supplementary information.