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The Future of Government 2030+: Policy implications and recommendations


The Future of Government project explored how we can rethink the social contract according to the needs of today’s society, what elements need to be adjusted to deliver value and good to people and society, what values we need to improve society, and how we can obtain a new sense of responsibility. Based on the experience from previous decades, it is now very important to think of how new governance models will be developed to anticipate and be prepared for possible futures and what citizens’ requirements are. Large patterns and trends have emerged from the FuturGov scenarios. This has already been discussed in The Future of Government 2030+: A Citizen-Centric Perspective on New Government Models report , published earlier this year. Based on this, The Future of Government 2030+: Policy Implications and Recommendations report provides follow-up insights into the policy implications and offers a set of 57 recommendations, organised in nine policy areas. These stem from a process based on interviews with 20 stakeholders and a participatory workshop with 19 stakeholders. The recommendations include a series of policy options and actions that could be implemented at different levels of governance systems. As these recommendations have shown, collaboration is needed across different policy fields and they should be acted upon as integrated package. Although the majority of recommendations is intended for the EU policymakers, their implementation could be more effective if done through lower levels of governance, eg. local, regional or even national.