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European R&D networks: A snapshot from the 7th EU Framework Programme


Recent empirical studies have investigated the territorial impact of Europe's
research policies, in particular the contribution of the European Framework Programmes
to the integration of a European Research Area. This paper deepens
the analysis on the integration and participation of peripheral regions, by focusing
on the di erences in intensity and determinants of inter-regional collaborations
across three groups of collaborations. We consider collaborations among more
developed regions, between more and less developed regions, and among less developed
regions. Building on the recent spatial interaction literature, this paper
investigates the e ects of physical, institutional, social and technological proximity
on the intensity of inter-regional research collaboration across heterogenous
European regions. We nd that the impact of disparities in human capital and
technological proximity on regional R&D cooperation is relevant and di ers across
subgroups of collaborations. Moreover, despite the e orts of integrating marginal
actors, peripheral regions have lower rates of collaborations.

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