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EU-Raw Materials Intelligence Capacity Platform (EU-RMCP) – Technical system specification

EU-Raw Materials Intelligence Capacity Platform (or EU-RMICP) integrates metadata on data sources related to primary and secondary mineral resources and brings the end users an expertise on the methods and tools used in mineral intelligence. The system is capable of bringing relevant user ‘answers’ of the type 'how to proceed for …' on almost any question related to mineral resources, on the whole supply chain, from prospecting to recycling, taking into account the environmental, political and social dimensions. EU-RMICP is based on an ontology of the domain of mineral resources (coupled with more generic cross-functional ontologies, relative to commodities, time and space), which represents the domain of the questions of the users (experts and non-experts). The user navigates in the ontology by using a Dynamic Graph of Decision (DDG), which allows him/her to discover the solutions which he/she is looking for without having to formulate any question. The system is coupled with a 'RDF Triple Store' (a database storing the ontologies), factSheets, doc-Sheets and flowSheets (i.e., specific formatted forms) related to methods and documentation, scenarios and metadata.