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Distribution of industrial research & innovation activities: An application of the technology readiness levels

- The Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) approach is relevant to map the functional decomposition of companies’ R&D value chains. TRLs matter for corporate location choices.
- Knowing what distinct types of R&D&I activities (or TRLs) stay, go and come back in EU territories  ̶  and why  ̶  is central for policies supporting local industrial and innovation ecosystems and clusters, and the identification and integration into strategic value chains.
- Fast-developing local strengths of Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea, in Automotive, and in Electronics and related fields are shaping companies’ geographical decomposition of R&D&I activities.
- While the EU has strong value chains in e.g. automotive (network of combustion engine) and pharma (highly skilled labour force and strong research institutions), corporate R&D&I investments are finding their way to novel applications in emerging technologies in Asia.