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Delivering on EU Food Safety and Nutrition in 2050 - Future challenges and policy preparedness

The foresight study 'Delivering on EU food safety and nutrition in 2050 - future challenges and policy preparedness' aims to aid policy makers in their assessment of the resilience of the current food policy and regulatory framework with a time horizon to 2050, contributing to ensuring that EU citizens continue to enjoy high standards of safe, nutritious and affordable food. The study employed the methodology of scenario development. The scenarios were constructed based on different developments of specific drivers that can significantly impact and bring change to the food system; these are global trade, EU economic growth, agro-food chain structure, technology uptake, social cohesion, food values, climate change, depletion of natural resources and world population growth. For each scenario, a number of food safety and nutrition challenges were identified and prioritised based on their importance and likelihood to occur. On this basis, scenario-specific policy options were developed as suggestions to policy-makers on how to address these challenges to ensure the resilience of the future EU food safety and nutrition regulatory framework. Research needs were also identified to complement the proposed policy options, as well as a set of food-chain related indicators that could inform in advance if the EU is headed towards one of the study’s scenarios.