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Crop monitoring in Europe Vol. 23 No 12 (2015) - MARS Bulletin - Mild weather favoured crop establishment but increased risk of frost damage

Temperatures since the end of November have been significantly higher than average in large areas of central (Czech Republic, Germany), eastern (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus) and northern Europe (Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries). Winter crops were prevented from gaining frost tolerance due to the mild temperatures in these regions, and are now potentially exposed to frost kill if temperatures abruptly move to seasonal values — even though this is not forecast for the coming days. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, overly wet conditions have persisted since November and will continue in the coming week according to the weather forecast. In Romania, the surplus of precipitation peaked at the end of November. Large parts of southern Europe (southern France, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and the western Iberian Peninsula) have faced a persistent lack of precipitation since the beginning of November, which is forecast to continue over the coming days, except in northern Spain and Portugal where significant rain is forecast.