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Collaboration and networks: EU13 participation in international science


In this issue
- In the 2007-2013 period the overall international co-publication intensity of EU13 countries was low compared to EU15 countries.
- In FP7, the EU13 countries had low participation and were again largely on the periphery of the network.
- In the EU focussed co-publication network EU13 countries were outside of the core group comprised of EU15 countries. However, for the FP7 network some countries (Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) had stronger links to the core again comprised of EU15 countries.
- Germany is an important collaborative partner for EU13 countries for both co-publication and FP7 participation, Austria also appears to have an important role linking to Central European Countries.
- This work suggests there is a need for EU13 countries to improve international research collaboration, particularly with EU15 Member States.