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The certification of different mass fractions of MON-Ø4Ø32-6 in soya bean powder Certified Reference Materials ERM®-BF410ap, ERM®-BF410bp, ERM®-BF410cp, ERM®-BF410dp and ERM®-BF410ep

This report describes the production of a set of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), ERM BF410ap, bp, cp, dp and ep, which are certified for their GTS 40-3-2 soya bean (unique identifier MON-Ø4Ø32-6) event mass fractions. These materials were produced following ISO Guide 34:2009 and are certified in accordance with ISO Guide 35:2006. The materials are intended for the calibration or quality control of real-time PCR measurements to identify GTS 40-3-2 soya bean and quantify its mass fraction. As with any reference material, they can also be used for establishing control charts or for carrying out validation studies. The CRMs were accepted as European Reference Material (ERM®) after peer evaluation by the partners of the European Reference Materials panel.
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