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CCM River and Catchment Database - Version 2.0 Analysis Tools

The CCM River and Catchment Database for Europe contains digital data on river networks and catchment boundaries for the entire European continent. The data are structured in a nested manner from small river reaches and their catchments to large rivers and their river basins. Different hierarchical catchment levels are linked to each other and river reaches are linked to their catchments (i.e. the area they drain) through a common identifier. River reaches and catchments carry a set of attributes, including their Strahler Order and their Pfafstetter Hydrological Feature Code. Both attributes are fundamental for understanding and analysing the data and are briefly introduced. In this document the theoretical concepts of Strahler ordering and of Pfafstetter coding are explained, followed by the description of two tools that were developed to support working with the CCM River and Catchment database. The first one allows analysing upstream – downstream relationships within river networks. It is based on the Pfafstetter hydrological feature codes. The second one allows for displaying the catchment of a hydrological monitoring station by clicking on the station. This tool is specific to a set of several thousand stations from EEA’s Waterbase, which have been located within the CCM River and Catchment database.