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Ethiopia Social Accounting Matrix 2015/16


A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) is a comprehensive and economy-wide database recording data on all transactions between economic agents in a certain economy during a certain period of time; its interest is twofold. First a SAM is a standard database for most whole economy modellers as it provides comprehensive data for economic modelling (multi-sectorial linear models or more complex CGE models). Second a SAM shows a complete and intuitive snapshot of the economy at hand. This report presents the Social Accounting Matrix of Ethiopia for the year 2015/16, describing its specific structure and the basis for its estimation. In this sense, it is necessary to highlight the special structure of this SAM to reflect the Home Production for Home Consumption (HPHC) issue and a high disaggregation of agricultural and food sectors, both aspects so relevant in developing countries. Finally, a complete on-line application is presented, both for the download of the SAM, and for the visualization of some indicators derived directly from it.