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Effectiveness of TRM versus FRP jacketing at high temperature on shear strengthening of RC beams

This paper compares the performance of TRM and FRP jacketing in shear strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) beams subjected to both ambient and high temperatures. Firstly, medium-scale rectangular beams were tested investigating the following key parameters: (a) the strengthening configuration (side-bonding or U-wrapping), (b) the number of jacketing layers (2 and 3) and (c) the level of high temperature to which the specimens are exposed (20 oC, 100 oC, 150 oC, 250 oC) for both TRM and FRP systems. Moreover, the performance of TRM jackets in shear strengthening of full-scale T-beams at high temperature was also studied. It is concluded that TRM was much more effective than FRP at high temperature and U-wrapped TRM jackets applied at medium or full-scale beams remained very effective at high temperature.
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