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Discussion document on the introduction of monitoring to substitute OTSC - Supporting non-paper DS/CDP/2017/03 revising R2017/809

This discussion document builds upon the non-paper DS/CDP/2017/03 to introduce the possibility for substituting the OTSC by a system of monitoring for checking the fulfilment of land use/ land cover related CAP requirements. It describes the main concepts and components that need to be considered and developed for substituting the sampled on the spot checks of aid applications with a monitoring system on all of the applications. The goal is simplification and reduction of the burden of controls and especially for what concerns number of field visits. Such substitution requires a shift in thinking, procedures as well as technology and these are topics elaborated in some detail. An annex provides illustrations, examples, field cases and elaborations of the key topics. This document constitutes the Commission’s interpretation of common standards.
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