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D.I.F. Adobe - The dynamic performance of adobe masonry components


This report presents the technical aspects of the experimental test campaign relevant to the project “DIF Adobe”, whose proposal was successfully reviewed and selected in the framework of the JRC OPEN ACCESS programme. The research conducted concerns the investigation of the compressive strength of two different mixtures of adobe (in ovendried and air-dried conditions) at three different strain-rates ranging from static to fast dynamic. Specimens were provided by the User. Sample preparation and test programme was proposed by User Access Team according to proposal and agreed with ELSA-HopLab laboratory staff. Preliminary static tests, granulometry and density characterization tests on the adopted mixtures were performed by User Access Team at the Laboratory of Geomechanics of Delft University of Technology and at the Royal Military Laboratory in Breda (the Netherlands). The subsequent preparation of the specimens and the execution of the tests have been done completely by the ELSA-HopLab laboratory staff. The static and low velocity tests have been carried out on a servo-hydraulic testing machine while the high strain-rate tests have been performed on a particular setup of Hopkinson bar specifically designed to perform tests of brittle and geo-materials. The report also presents the elaboration of the raw experimental data in order to obtain the forces and displacements directly applied to the specimens during the tests. However, no considerations about the material mechanical behaviour have been drawn. Finally, a description of the storage structure of the elaborated data has been included, which will help future users to effectively manage and use this data for their purposes.