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Development and Optimisation of the GM Oilseed Rape Event-Specific Pre-Spotted Plate (OSR-PSP) EURL-SP-07/16

This report describes the development of the "GM oilseed rape event-specific pre-spotted plates (OSR-PSP)" as a ready-to-use tool for GMO detection and identification. The OSR-PSP allows the detection of all GM oilseed rape events listed in the EU register of authorised GM events as of February 2017 and one not authorised event. The plate includes a total of 12 assays, consisting of 11 event-specific assays and one taxon-specific assay selected from those validated and approved by the EU Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed (EURL GMFF). The reaction conditions were standardised and the performance of the assays, in terms of specificity and sensitivity, were re-assessed in a single-laboratory study. The results confirm that the assays, under the new reaction conditions, fulfil the EU requirements for GMO testing and can be used for the detection of single and stacked oilseed rape GM events in food and feed samples.
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