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What do we mean with knowledge management?

The main purpose of the work conducted by the working group Training and Knowledge Management (TKM) is to improve education and training in safeguards and non-proliferation for students and professionals in the European Union. The scope of the task was very clear when the TKM was established in 2004: to deal with training and education in safeguards and non-proliferation. However, what was and still is not clear is in what way this task is connected to “Knowledge Management”. The term “Knowledge Management” has never really been problematized and in the beginning of 2011 during a TKM meeting it was decided that the term and its meaning should be a central issue to be addressed at an ESARDA symposium. The purpose of this paper is twofold. Firstly, the intention is to give a general background of the term knowledge management, its roots and emergence as an academic discipline and how it is used by practitioners in the field. Secondly, based on how knowledge management has been used in academia as a theoretical discipline and in the work life as a practical tool-box, the intention is to discuss how TKM ought to deal with the term. In other words, how could knowledge management be an integrated and natural ingredient of TKM´s activities and thereby contribute to the overall goal of ESARDA to enhance the management of safeguards within Europe. Key words: Knowledge management, training, education, safeguards, non-proliferation