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Magnetic properties of the new Pu-based ferromagnet Pu2Pt3Si5

Considering plutonium based systems; it is surprising that not so many of them show magnetic ordering. Despite the fact that it is much more difficult to examine basic properties of plutonium compounds than for other actinides such as Th, U and even Np-based ones, the majority of Pu-based compounds, and not only intermetallics, have a tendency to present non magnetic ground states . Here we report on structural, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of a new plutonium-based compound, namely Pu2Pt3Si5. Single and polycrystals of produced by a Sn-flux technique have been analyzed by single crystal (CAD-4 diffractometer) and powder (Bruker D8) diffraction techniques. The results indicate that the new phase, Pu2Pt3Si5, crystallizes with the orthorhombic Iabm structure (72) with atomic parameters: a=9.9226(2) Å, b=11.4436(2) Å and c=6.0148(1) Å.