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Hands-on training of IAEA Safeguards Surveillance Concepts using a VR based Application

On this paper a Virtual Reality (VR) based application to teach and review basic surveillance concepts when installing cameras in controlled areas is presented. This application exploits VR’s main advantages: interactivity, friendly human –machine interface and real time feedback, in order to provide a novel complementary approach to current text-based training methods. The application is structured as a 3D scenario which replicates the real building where the user can create a virtual installation of surveillance cameras. A series of functions are provided which can help the user not only learn a concrete concept but also test their knowledge in a basic surveillance case by providing an evaluating function in real time. The software is a tailored application for IAEA’s training courses, focusing on the concepts they intend to teach and using standard IAEA camera models, in order to keep it updated with the latest equipment available and to meet their necessities this paper presents some of the latest updates implemented and future possibilities to further enrich the tool.