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Free form source representation for a VR dosimetry training application

A method to model free form nuclear sources in Virtual Reality (VR) based dosimetry applications for training purposes is presented in this paper. A VR based dosimetry application can provide advantages in terms of time, cost and logistics with respect to traditional on-site training courses, representing a valid complement to the traditional ones. In order to benefit from these advantages, methods need to be developed to overcome the requirements such a VR application requires, such as real time response and accuracy of dose rate computation. The developed method based on the prototype provides both but limits the kind of source geometries that can be simulated, only allowing parallelepiped source volumes. This paper presents a new version of this prototype which implements a revised algorithm which can cope with free form sources, allowing the tool to be able to cope with other kind of geometries which are bound to be found in a real case like cylinders or spheres