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Combining Bismuth-213 with Nanobodies: finding the perfect match for Targeted Alpha Therapy


This study investigates a novel targeted therapy which combines the α-emitter Bismuth-213 (213Bi) and HER2-targeting nanobodies (Nbs) to selectively kill HER2+ metastases in breast- and ovarian cancer. The use of nanobodies as vehicles in TAT is promising due to their excellent in vivo properties, high affinity and specificity, fast diffusion and clearance kinetics. Moreover, Nbs show good tumor penetration due to their small size. The aim of this study is to develop and evaluate the in vitro binding characteristics on HER+ SKOV-3 cells, the in vitro stability using radio-ITLC and HPLC and the in vivo biodistribution of 213Bi-DTPA HER2 targeting Nb.